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More Sandy stuff

Power is back!  We were very lucky.  Other towns were hit so much worse.  The FEMA distribution stations are busy, lines at fuel stations long.  We pulled apart the fuel filler to the pickup truck to defeat the anti-siphon grid and get fuel out to power the generator.

Here are my videos of during and after (Warning: they are quite boring to start!  But that’s how it was; very quiet until the late evening and then again not much damage around our house until we walked into town)

And here is some NOAA imagery.  The first photo is from Keyport.  You can see the boats all smooched into one corner of Pedersen’s yard and the two boats suspended from the bridge. Further down are some more dramatic images of the way the water carved new channels through existing suburbs.

This one is post-Sandy satellite imagery.  By zooming in you can see the debris surrounding the houses.
Anyhow – – let’s at least talk about getting, some of, the power lines underground.  All the fuel shortage and rationing is not because there is no fuel – it’s mostly because there is no electricity to pump it.

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